Expert Home Inspections for Key West

“Inspections of Key West” offers the expert assistance you need to ensure yourself of great long-term home value. We provide the expertise of a duly licensed, insured and bonded house inspector to evaluate any property before you buy, sell, or take out that lease.

Thorough & Expedient Professional Inspections

Whether you want to make sure you’re buying at the right price or you want to renovate enough for a profitable sale, we deliver complete and unbiased home inspection reports to empower your choices. Avoid the unfortunate surprise of poorly built structures, contaminated systems, and other preventable defects. Secure your investment with the proper assessment of “Inspections of Key West”.

Electrical Inspection

Every year, fire departments in the USA respond to over 47,000 home fires caused by electrical failures. At “Inspections of Key West”, we are trained to locate these potential risks and make recommendations for repairing these potential safety hazards.

Plumbing Inspection

Thorough survey and inspection of the property’s plumbing system, including water heaters, filtration, evidence of leaks, drainage issues, etc.

HVAC System Inspection

As part of our home inspection we will operate the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning system. We will make sure that the HVAC system is heating or cooling to within the manufacture’s specifications.

Inspect Roof Coverings

What causes more damage to single family homes in the US than anything else? Water. We will visually inspect your homes roof covering for existing or the presence of past water intrusions into your home. At “Inspections of Key West”, our reports will also give you an idea of the relative condition of the roof covering, vent boots and other penetrations that could cause problems.